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Local Data Bank

is Poland’s largest database of the economy, society and the environment. LDB offers more than 40 thous. statistical features grouped thematically. The first data is from 1995.

  • Data and statistical indicators describe the statistical localities, gminas, powiats, voivodships and Poland, as well as units according to the nomenclature NUTS: macroregions, regions and subregions.
  • Information resources (annual and short-term statistics) are constantly supplemented and updated.
  • Additional options: Territorial portrait, Rank, Vademecum for local authorities, Sustainable Development indicators are available in Knowledge databases – Multidimensional Statistics – LDB Territorial cross-sections.

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Local Data Bank is available on the page

Resources of Regional Data Bank are successively completed after receiving data batches. You can find the description of the up-to-date status of the database for the last reported year in the Help->Data state->Supply state for … menu.

Application requirements to user’s browser are on the page Help->Requirements.