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For several years, Stastistics Poland has actively participated in many international projects initiated as part of the European Statistical System (ESS) on the use of geographic information in statistics and conduct work related to maintaining and updating the website of the EFGS (The European Forum for Geography and Statistics) in the field of current information on the activities carried out under the EFGS and in the scope of results of the Geostat 4 project.

Statistics Poland has been involved also in the following international initiatives:

  • UN-GGIM (United Nations Committee of Experts on the Global Geospatial Information Management) established in cooperation with the United Nations Department of Statistics (UNSD). Polish representatives take part in the annual UN-GGIM Global Forum, and the Director of ICT Systems, Geostatistics and Census Department is the chairman of the Polish delegation at this event;
  • Membership in the UN-GGIM Committee of Experts;
  • Membership in the Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information EG-ISGI;
  • UN-GGIM: Europe Committee – active participation in the work of the European branch of the UN-GGIM: Europe Committee;
  • Membership in UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee (Ex-com);
  • Until 2021 presidency and currently membership of the European Geography and Statistics Forum (EFGF);
  • Active participation in GISCO – Working Group of Geographical Information Systems of the Commission;
  • In 2021, as part of UNECE, an international Task Force Geospatial information and small area statistics for censuses was established. The Director of the ICT Systems, Geostatistics and Census Department became the chairman of this group and other representatives of Polish statistics actively participate in the work on developing these recommendations for the next round of censuses (2030).

Currently, the employees of Statistics Poland are involved in the following grants:

  • “Development of procedures for census results` reporting in a kilometre grid”

Implementation of this project directly follows requirements laid down in Regulation (EU) 2018/1799 of 21 November 2018 on the establishment of a temporary direct statistical action for the dissemination of selected topics of the 2021 population and housing census geocoded to a 1 km square grid. The general objective of the project is to develop procedures, create environment and tools for Population and Housing Census 2021 results’ reporting in a 1 km x 1 km grid, including preparation and loading data to the Census Hub.

  • “Defining new geometries for statistics”

The project’s goal is to develop a methodology for creation and maintenance of geospatial data for publishing statistics. New geometries will be created for two thematic categories: localities and objects related to railway transport. Geometries for both categories will be at a detail level lower than gmina (former LAU2). Creating the geometries will facilitate spatial dissemination of statistical data, published to date only in tables. It will also allow calculating new statistical data based on data merging, aggregation and spatial analysis. The project’s results will include map presentations  more detailed than those based on the territorial division of the country, which meets the needs specified by users of spatially referenced statistical data.

In addition, the following grants have been accomplished so far:

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