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Data on residents in a kilometre grid – Census 2021 available for download

We kindly inform you that Census 2021 data on residents in a kilometre grid can be downloaded in .shp format as part of the INSPIRE ATOM service for the theme Population distribution (demography). In order to display the datasets provided by ATOM services in the Geostatistics Portal, in the application, in the Feed field, put the address of the service Instructions for downloading data can also be found in the INSPIRE tab – INSPIRE – GUS Portal Geostatystyczny.

Data can also be downloaded from the Geostatistics Portal. For this purpose:

  • log in to Resource manager as an external user,
  • after logging in to the Resource manager, on the filtering bar for the Resource availability filter, click “x” to remove the narrowed choice only to your resources (“Mine”),
  • then in the Search field, put the name “2021 census data. Residents in 1km grid.” or the resource number – in this case it will be 18433,
  • in the graphic of the found resource, click the Export button and select the data format (available data formats are geojson, shp, csv, kml).