Geostatistics Portal Geostatistics Portal

Your data on map

Attach coordinates to your data


It enables the attachment of spatial information to the loaded tabular data set, based on the Search Server services, i.e. assigning a spatial location to text-described address points and assigning the geometry of the administrative division.

Upload and manage your resources

Resource manager

A tool that allows you to view, search and manage your data and the data you have gained access to. It allows you to view the user's own resources and share resources within the organization. (Login required)

Prepare an analysis or analytical panel

Analysis studio

It allows you to create and save the configuration of the analytical panel by selecting and configuring the following components: map applications; diagrams and charts; tables; map legends. (Login required)

Prepare your own data presentation

Map studio

Prepare your own visualization. A tool enabling the preparation and saving of a cartographic presentation of data by selecting visualization components such as: base map; dynamic layers; available interactive tools. (Login required)

Prepare your own service

Composition studio

Prepare your own service. A tool that allows you to define the symbolization of selected data and make the created visualization available using dynamic or tiled services (eg WMS or WMTS). (Login required)