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Geostatistics Portal as a tool for dissemination and analysis of statistical data

In 2020 Statistics Poland launched a new project called “Spatial Statistical Data in the Information System of the State” Project (PDS). The project was implemented by 31 October 2022 under the Operational Programme Digital Poland under the II Priority axis – “E-administration and open government” Measure 2.1. “High availability and quality of public e-services”.

Project value: PLN 34,722,048.00 (including co-financing from EU: PLN 29,385,269.22).

The aim of the project is to broaden the scope and increase availability of statistical information and methods of geostatistical analyses using the resources of official statistics. The PDS project is a response to the needs which were expressed following the implementation of previous Geostatistics Portal and also taking into account new data sources, IT tools and open source technologies. This target was achieved by designing modern IT platform supporting the usage of geographic information system in statistical studies and enabling more advanced geospatial analysis.

Within the PDS project, the functionalities of the previously provided services in the Geostatistics Portal were expanded to include i.e. preparing statistical analyses within any spatial division, e.g. defined by the user, downloaded from external spatial data services (WFS), based on “dynamic” grid cells, the possibility of combining statistical data with the user’s own data or geocoding users’ features to use in geostatistical analysis. In addition, new services were developed, which will facilitate the use of exploratory spatial data analyses using statistical information, performance of analyses in the field of geostatistical modelling and the support of supplementing users’ own data with geostatistical information and analyses.

Three completely new external services emerged as a result of the PDS project:

  • Exploratory geostatistical data analyses using statistical information available in the Portal,
  • Geostatistical modelling analyses,
  • Enrichment of user content with geostatistical information and analyses available in the Portal.

The new functionalities will be available to advanced users, but also to users without specialist knowledge in the field of statistical analyses. The implementation of automatic content analysis mechanisms (i.e. “text mining”) and usage of metadata describing geostatistical analyses available in the PDS system, will provide users with the possibility of supplementing their own text with graphic elements. The public launch of the new Geostatistics Portal is scheduled for April this year. The project will officially end in October 2022.