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The President of Statistics Poland is the leading body for two spatial data themes from Annex III to the INSPIRE Directive:

  • statistical units,
  • population distribution [demography].

In order to fulfil the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive the following datasets have been registered in the national register of spatial datasets and services:

  • PL.ZIPGUS.312 – statistical regions and census enumeration areas (theme: statistical units)
  • PL.ZIPGUS.2827 – population distribution (demography)

Following INSPIRE services are available in the Geostatistics Portal:

Discovery service – a CSW catalogue service publishing metadata for spatial datasets and services available in the Geostatistics Portal:

View services – published as WMS (Web Map Service):

Download Services * – a download service with ATOM profile allowing the download of pre-defined spatial data sets

For the theme statistical units the download service is available at (statistical units (BREC) datasets available for 2010-2023 and a dataset with a 1km x 1km statistical grid).

For the theme population distribution [demography] at Following datasets are available:

  • for 2011: population data in statistical regions, census enumeration areas and kilometre grid
  • for 2021: resident population data in a kilometre grid)

* We recommend to use the application on the Geoportal website: to access our ATOM download services. Use our services’ addresses to view datasets available for download (The service address ( for statistical units and for population distribution [demography]) needs to be copied into the “Feed URL” field in Atom Explorer).